Rest in Crimea or resort area – Crimea

At all times, vacation in the Crimea in great demand. Tourists can enjoy here a wonderful air, the scent of flowers, a dip in the warm sea or climb the scenic mountains. In Crimea, several resort areas:. South Beach, South East Coast, Sebastopol, West Coast, East Coast, North-West Coast, etc. Each zone has its own characteristics and architectural monuments.

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South Beach – stretches along the coast from Alushta to Foros. It is very helpful and warm air. In this region, well developed infrastructure, so make excursions here is easy. The swimming season in the region begins in late May and lasts until October. Sometimes in the middle of summer begin to blow cold winds, and becomes a very enjoyable few days swimming.

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South East Coast runs from Feodosiya to Alushta. The air and water are cleaner than on the southern coast. Mountains less steep and high, so you can go explore the top of the whole family. In this region, it is worth noting the excellent nature and Alushta cirque. In Feodosia lot of medical resources. And a huge sandy beach.

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East coast – is the Kerch Peninsula. It is washed once two seas – the Black and Azov. There is no such attractive landscapes. Tourists here like ancient monuments and a spacious seaside. This coast is famous for the warm sea. The water is warmed up to 30 degrees.

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Crimean resort zone «West Coast» stores for vacationers dozens of kilometers of golden beaches. Much of the region is covered by a flat relief. The most popular city is here Yevpatoriya. Nature has endowed this city multitude of springs and mud. Perfect for families with children. Here Sevastopol city-hero, famous in the fight against the Nazis. The city has many monuments of military glory and the ruins of the ancient city of Hersonissos. The sea can be seen everywhere, the water is always calm.