Crimean beaches

The Crimean peninsula is washed by two seas. Here tourists will discover the beautiful beaches and excellent sea climate. On the West Coast’s best beaches got the town of Yevpatoria. People swim here in late May to mid-October. The Cape region Tarhanut travelers spacious golden beaches, however, in these areas a large number of tourists. Due to the shallow water warms faster here.

Crimean beaches 2

Just south are sand and pebble beaches. In Sevastopol, a lot of beautiful beaches. The most popular among tourists is the outdoor beach Omega. Moving away from the port, the water is cleaner and more transparent. In the area of ​​Balaclava Bay and near the tract Batiliman water perfectly clear.

Crimean beaches 3

Southern coast of Crimea is in high demand among vacationers. The coast is divided into small bays with crystal clear water and small beaches. Side by side Yalta beaches, always ready to receive visitors and provide them with beautiful views of the mountain scenery. The best time for swimming in this region – September, October. South-East coast boasts sandy and pebble beaches. According to him in the sea sometimes fall mountain rivers.

Crimean beaches 4

Full of romance, gorgeous beach located under the fortress in Sudak. Not far from the village of Ordzhonikidze beaches are on both sides of Cape Kiik-Atlama. Great beach stretches over a length of 15 kilometers in Feodosia. The sea is almost always calm and gentle beach. Best place for families with children to find.

Crimean beaches 5

Kerch peninsula is washed by two seas – the Black and Azov. On the Black Sea coast beaches are the most comfortable. Kerch Strait offers tourists a small but cozy beaches. Crimean beaches are full of different types of entertainment. They provide rental and boats, and boats, and jet skis and diving equipment, and much more. Everything can be taught by experienced instructors. You can fly in a balloon or hang-glider. Prices vary depending on the season.