Carpathians, as they are

Who knows what the Carpathian Mountains? This is a place on earth knows, even those who have never been in the Carpathian Mountains. This is the place where most Ukrainians love to relax, especially during winter. What is it about this place? So close to the mountain Guimba, whose height is 1497 meters, is the village Pylypets. It would seem an ordinary village, but still it found, than to entice not only Ukrainians, but also tourists.

Carpathians as they are 2

In order to relax here, you are invited to a huge number of ski runs, a distance of nearly 20 kilometers. Also, in order to climb the mountain, you are three ski lifts. Each year, thanks to its beauty and the ski slopes, the number of tourists is growing. No exception and this year.

Carpathians as they are 3

If you go a little further into the village, you can draw attention to the fact that it crosses the river Ploshanka, and next to the river is the most wonderful, beautiful and truly unusual waterfall spikes. It is here that every year is going great number of people for various celebrations.

Carpathians as they are 4

In addition, the Carpathians known that it has a unique source of mineral water, which the village is located seven kilometers away. Some experts say that this water has healing properties. But in that part of it can be found very rarely. Apply water for drinking therapy, as well as to fill the mud baths.

Carpathians as they are 5

Hotels in Pylypets village quite a lot and each of them attracts the fact that the value of each is different, and every hotel attracts with its maintenance service. If you go there for the holidays, the cost can range from 230 to 500 hryvnia hryvnia per person. Note that the power in this cost is not included. So only you can decide to take a room in a hotel or find those who rents rooms in the houses, they can do much more cheaply. But it’s a great place, not leave you indifferent for many years.