Vottovaara – a city destroyed by time

Located a mountain on one of the hills on the west side of Karelia, its main peak has four hundred meters above sea level. Mountain Vottovaara is a complex of stone buildings of ancient times, famous under the name seids that involves rocks in the hanging or flying position. The magnitude of the complex capable of impressing – the difficult system of figures with the geometrical shape and form labyrinths more than a hundred stones large and small.

Vottovaara a city destroyed by time 2

All open across Europe and Scandinavia religious buildings significantly exceed the size of the complex. And now inquisitive researchers can be found in remote corners of the taiga of Karelia monuments that can not meet the system logical representation of the people. The complex on Mount Vottovaara is one of those monuments.

Vottovaara a city destroyed by time 3

Superstitious people Vottovaara refer to the place where the evil forces are concentrated, and a bridge to the other world, in which the trees grow with an ugly shape, almost no fauna, dead lake. That there is one name in its people – the mountain of death.

Vottovaara a city destroyed by time 4

Mountain Vottovaara is the highest point of the hill. 417.3 meters above sea level, and up to the nearest point of the population of it is not less than thirty kilometers. A strong earthquake, which was formed as a result of the failure of the giant size, was about nine thousand years ago in the place where there is a mountain.

Vottovaara a city destroyed by time 5

So in the middle of the mountain there was an amphitheater of natural origin, which is dotted with small lakes and rocks. Scientists of Karelia sure that Vottovaara is a unique geological monument. (It turns out, not only geological.) Slopes of the mountain are stone terraces overgrown with moss. With legacy logging and marks of fires in forests alternate with pine spruce. The top is a plateau of rocks that cover the trees with unusual shape.