A legendary mountain Popov Island

Vast expanses of Russia constantly attract travel enthusiasts. And it is not accidental that the huge territory of the country, here almost every corner is filled with some historical events, often associated with the monuments of architecture and culture. Among such places are often mentioned among tourists Ural. This fact is probably not surprise anyone, because there is a huge amount of cultural, architectural, natural, monuments and parks.
A legendary mountain Popov Island 2

One of the interesting places of the Urals is Popov island, or how else it is called the mountain «Popov Island». It is believed that the last name is more accurate. It is located in the Sverdlovsk region, near the village verkh-neyvinsky, it is a little more than seventy kilometers, if we move to the north of Yekaterinburg. A very close is Novouralsk.
A legendary mountain Popov Island 3

As the history of the village verkh-neyvinsky, it was founded in 1662, which were the main population of the Old Believers. People are doing whatever they could, who remeslennichal who farm, who willingly. But in 1762 an event occurred — Prokofiy Demidov built in the settlement of an iron and cast iron plant. After that, in the vicinity began to mine iron ore. I must say that in the search for deposits of iron ore, often encountered and gold.
A legendary mountain Popov Island 4

But the most interesting tour to inspect the quarry, which was mined in the form of building materials of granite blocks. And to be precise, the interest is huge megaliths that with the help of the workers turned into relatively small units suitable for transportation and construction. Just these megaliths are located on the mountain Popov Island. Of course, the name of the mountain is already causing interest among the visitors. But there is an explanation.
A legendary mountain Popov Island 5

According to ancient maps, around this small peak in 323.3 meters, it was a swamp, judging by some of the statements of the scholars in ancient times there was something like a sea. This situation determined the mountain its name. Subsequently, swamps dried up, though not completely, and the name has stuck. A «Popov», it was called, because there were going to the priests to their secret meetings, to learn how to entice people into their sect, how to get them to transfer the property and the other is good.