Heraklion: Another mystery of Ancient Egypt

Among the many mysteries and secrets of ancient Egypt, there are those who in some cases are pure fiction, and sometimes are confirmed thousands of years later. By one of those mysteries is the legend of the once existed and disappeared without a trace of Heraklion, supposedly located on the Mediterranean coast at the mouth of the legendary Nile.

Heraklion Another mystery of Ancient Egypt 2

According to historical records Heraklion Located in the deep mouth of the Nile, was one of the major trading ports of ancient Egypt and settling just nineteen kilometers from the ancient Alexandria, Heraklion was essential to the economic life of the Egyptian state. For the same historical data Heraklion city was founded by the legendary Alexander the Great in 331 BC. It is worth noting that, as Heraklion was known only among the ancient Greeks, for the ancient Egyptians, this city was known as Tony’s, and in this city was crowned queen Cleopatra and the legendary Hercules in Heraklion first set foot on the land of ancient Egypt.

Heraklion Another mystery of Ancient Egypt 3

No less remarkable was both the religious life of the city. Due to the fact that it is constantly attended by merchants from various regions of the Mediterranean in Heraklion worshiped the three main deities of the time, and that’s what were Serapis — the god of healing and fertility of ancient Mesopotamia, Isis — the goddess of femininity and motherhood ancient Greece and Anubis — the patron of the dead, revered in ancient Egypt.

Heraklion Another mystery of Ancient Egypt 4

However, all these positive things in life ended suddenly Heraklion, Heraklion and just disappeared not only from the ancient maps of the Mediterranean sailors, but also from the most important historical documents of the time. But in 2000 the scientific world again talking about this ghost town.

Heraklion Another mystery of Ancient Egypt 5

French underwater archaeological expedition, led by Frank Gadd Akubirskoy exploring the underwater part of the bay, trying to find the remains of ships sunk by Admiral Nelson at the Egyptian company in 1798, accidentally stumbled upon the ruins of ancient temples and dwellings of the ancient city of Heraklion. So that the mystery disappearance of the city and today remains a mystery, but for divers around the world, a new site where you can spend great time and it is possible to find some artifacts of ancient Egypt.