Ancient map

A unique find was discovered in England. As we all know, people first learned that to do so is to map, and then there was just writing. But if a script can say with certainty that she appeared in the 4th millennium, the maps of this can not be said.

Ancient map 2

Before the card was found, which was engraved on the rock, scientists have argued for a long time. But one day, they have a scientist who just so we can say quite accidentally found a value that has destroyed all the arguments of scientists. Now, this card can be rightfully called the most ancient in the world. What is interesting in this map, it is engraved on a material, like an ordinary pebbles and its size is only 4.5 inches. Looking at this card, you should at least know a little geography, and then you burn see the coast of Europe in the forms that are on the map. But science is a subject that’s not only very difficult to prove, but to believe in it.

Ancient map 3

Unfortunately, no matter how hard an archaeologist, his card no one wants to be taken seriously. That’s because a lot of confidence in the fact that people in ancient history just could not do it, because he would not have the brains for it. It sounds a little rough, but because it is so, how can people draw or engage engraving, if he does not even know what it is.

Ancient map 4

Dispute questions so much, the evidence seems to be there, but at the same time not. According to the archaeologist himself, if a good look at the surface, we can see that the stone has a precise and detailed maps of the coast, various lakes and river systems, which stretches from Northern Europe to South Africa.

Ancient map 5

Well, so far it’s only reasons we can not prove anything. But it seems that archeology can prove at least partially they are right, and this is most important for him.