Glass Beach or natural golyshiki

Glass Beach or Bay Glass is located in the Primorsky region of Russia, in the Ussuri Bay. At first glance it may seem that the water in the bay is quite clean, but the results of a special audit proved that swimming in this water is not recommended. Therefore, the beach at the Bay Glass is used exclusively for recreation.

Glass Beach or natural golyshiki 2

This bank, in this bay, there is nowhere else in Russia. Instead of sand underfoot fasten gravel, mixed with a variety of glass stones. The story of this phenomenon somewhat sad. A long time ago in this place is a dump, which brought in a huge amount of broken glass. Over time, the sea water to grind the pieces of broken glass and turn them into so-called «golyshiki.»

Glass Beach or natural golyshiki 3

Former disorder is long gone, and the beach is open to all comers, but the water is still not suitable for bathing. A visit to the beach is the symbolic $ 100, the ticket price includes the use of sun beds, showers, toilets and changing rooms. In addition, for a nominal fee you can set your own tent or rent a comfortable gazebo. The beach itself, though small, but quite spacious and extremely clean.

Glass Beach or natural golyshiki 4

On the territory of Glass Beach is a cafe, children’s slides and volleyball courts, as well as constantly lifeguard and medical center operates. Sea waves constantly bring to the shore break in and smooth glass stones of different sizes and colors. It is noteworthy that the glass «golyshiki» almost completely replaced conventional stones, and have to work hard to find even one.

Glass Beach or natural golyshiki 5

To get to the bay is quite simple glass from Vladivostok on the excursion boat or on the tour bus. This trip will not cost a lot of time and money, but leave a lasting impression and give the opportunity to admire the amazing Glass Beach.