Childhood heaven – Eupatoria

Crimea is a unique place on Earth. The development history of the place numbers thousands of years. The peninsula remembers bloody wars and valorous labour of its inhabitants. And, it’s worth mentioning that many nations inhabited this place and every nation brought something new, unique and interesting there. The confirmation to that are various archeological excavations, carried out in different places around the peninsula.

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It will be wrong to tell a story about Crimea without mentioning Eupatoria. There are several reasons for that. First of all, Eupatoria is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, nowadays it is more than 2500 years old already. Ptolemey and Gerodot were writing about this city in their works. It is the evidence to the fact that the city was developing together with Athens and Rome.

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One of the ancient names of the city is – Kerkinitis, it was given by Greek colonists. The results of the archeological excavations showed that the ancient city had basically one-storied buildings and sometimes two-storied ones. There was a market and a sea-port, which contributed to the development of the city. In comparison with the modern cities, the population was not so large, 2000 people only.

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Speaking further about the ancient Eupatoria landmarks, Turkish baths are bound to be mentioned, moreover, one of them was functioning to the 90-s. Every common Soviet Union citizen could have a bath for 20 copecks, being unaware of the architectural significance of the building.
The building, by the way, was constructed in XVI century by the Slavonic slaves. Nowadays, the buildings of the baths are reconstructed and the excursions were carried out in them.

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If one wants to come to Eupatoris in summer to have rest, he/she will be pleasantly surprised by a local waterpark, called «Banana republic». It is one of the biggest water entertaining centers in the Crimea peninsula. About 2500 people may have rest here at the same moment. The children won’t be bored here. There are plenty of water attractions for them. Also there was in the past (and I hope will be in the future) a camp for children Mayak.