Zoological Museum at number one

St. Petersburg Zoological Museum is not only considered one of the oldest in Europe, but also the largest collection of artifacts representing the fauna collected from virtually all corners of the globe. In addition a number of exhibits reflect the prehistoric world of our planet in the form of reconstruction of fossil animals, in particular, such as the mammoth, found deep in the permafrost deposits Berezovsky.Zoological Museum at number one 2


Their education Zoological Museum St. Petersburg obliged collection of Peter I, he moved from Moscow and created the famous Cabinet of Curiosities, which were presented to all sorts of wonders of the living world. And if the fact of the opening of the Kunstkammer historical documents in 1714, the date of formation of the Zoological Museum is the date: autumn 1832, when the general public of the northern capital were presented first exhibits brought from the Siberian expedition of Russian researchers Zauralye.

Zoological Museum at number one 3

Nowadays, the collection of the Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg has more than 300 thousand exhibits, which is almost unique in the world, a collection of insects. In addition, for many visitors to the museum are presented here marsupials and mollusks that live in different seas and oceans of our planet.

Zoological Museum at number one 4

And if you got the will of fate in our northern capital, then try to visit this historical miracle of St. Petersburg. And to do this in good weather just enough to walk along Nevsky metro station «Guest House» or «Nevsky Prospect» in the direction of the Palace Bridge.

Zoological Museum at number one 5

And here, on the left side of the route you get to the University embankment, where it is the Zoological Museum at number one. It is strongly recommend that you start with a visit to the museum ticket office, and in the cold season with wardrobe located in the basement.