Mobile Bath

If you prefer active recreation in nature, then you should be interested in such a structure as a mobile bath. Already from the title itself it is clear that the product, which will be discussed later, can be used as a portable bathhouse, for example, in the country, and as a universal tent with heating for extreme conditions.

Mobile bath and parco and not hot

Experienced travelers know how important it is to make a thorough approach to choosing a tourist tent. Mobile bath provides a unique opportunity for tourists, anglers and amateur hunters to ensure their best rest in the world, in almost any natural environment. The main advantage of any mobile bath is that it is equipped with a compact portable long-burning furnace.

The successful combination of a bath and a tent as a result has turned out convenient at transportation, and thus it is enough capacious. In addition, that the presented design can be used for its intended purpose, that is, it is hot to steam, there is also a large compartment for rest. Better tents for winter fishing than a mobile bath, you can not find. Especially the construction will be appreciated by tall men, since the height inside the tent is about 2000 mm, depending on the model.

The mobile bath can bring tourism to a qualitatively new level, as it provides opportunities for year-round operation. Depending on the model of the product, the walls of mobile baths consist of several layers, which provide excellent ventilation of the room and protection from insects. And the sturdy construction guarantees the stability of your tent even in heavy wind, storm and blizzard, the only thing that is necessary is to correctly install the mobile bath and fix it. By the way, any person can «cope» with the installation of this design without special training, in any case, for help, always, you can once again read the instructions.

Tent is the dream of every man

It should be noted that the mobile bath is a universal and practical gift for a man. A fan of winter fishing will be sincerely glad of such a gift, even in its very minimal configuration. And lovers of big and noisy companies must necessarily carry a mobile bath in the trunk of their car, as the design offers the opportunity to steam and relax in a warm and pleasant friendly atmosphere.