Holiday in Goa

Lovely sea, hot sun, endless beaches — all this awaits you in Goa. According to the legend, Goa was created by Lord Parasurama. A small piece of land between the sea and the mountains, he endowed a special mild climate and luxurious nature. Relaxation on Goa will allow you to enjoy serenity and have a great time.

How good is the holiday in Goa in the fall?

The period from October to mid-November is considered to be in Goa in the autumn. At this time the resort is changing. The long rainy season is coming to an end, and the lush greenery, an incredible number of flowers and a lot of exotic birds appear to replace it. Rest on Goa at this time pleases warm slightly humid climate. The autumn period pleases travelers with a season of discounts that attracts crowds of tourists to Goa.

The tourist map of Goa is divided into two zones: southern and northern. So for those who plan a trip to Goa, you should decide which of the two main areas to choose. For lovers of expensive beach holidays, it’s better to go south, if you want to have fun and have a limited budget, you better go north.

Sights of India

Of course, in India, rest in autumn is not only beaches, tourists are offered a variety of excursions that will introduce you to local attractions. The architecture of Old Goa, the monuments of Margao and Panaji and the temples of Mapusa will allow travelers to plunge into the atmosphere of ancient India.

Buying tours on Goa it is better to plan in advance the route of your trip, because there are so many interesting things: in the national park Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary you can see the tigers, and visits to forts — Alorn, Corjoum and Reis Magos, will show how many wars have occurred in this territory.

Rest in October is also remarkable by the fact that you have the opportunity to visit several large-scale national holidays: the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, Dashahra, Kurban Bairam, Karva Chote.

The advantages of traveling to Goa in October

First of all — it’s wonderful weather, comfortable and not too hot air temperature. Secondly, for tourists Goa hotels prepared significant discounts. Thirdly, the local fruits are already ripening, some of which can be tasted directly from the branch, while local restaurants serve fresh seafood. And, of course, tourists will be able to boast of magnificent photos of Goa, which will be the best proof that there is a paradise on Earth.