Holidays in Germany

Holidays in the European countries in the autumn are a wonderful way to spend a vacation. You can not only enjoy the excursion program, but also have fun in bars. Germany is an ideal country for tourism and its guests have the opportunity to appreciate the ideal order in the country and the tremendous business scope. You can enjoy not only the delightful nature, but also visit historical monuments, if you are planning a holiday in Germany.

Excursion tours — rest in Germany for every taste

If you decide to go on vacation in the autumn, then the most optimal type of vacation for you will be a guided tour of the country’s cities. You can choose a city on your own or trust a travel company. Excursions around the cities of Germany — is not just a delightful journey, but also cognitive. You will learn a lot about this European country, visit famous places with a guide, and also enjoy an independent walk through the streets of one of the cities.

But why exactly in the autumn it is necessary to plan a holiday in Germany, you ask. It’s very simple — in September, the famous Oktoberfest in Munich is held, where you can taste amazing German beer and tour the city. By the way, travel agencies are ready to offer you in the same program an excursion to the Alps in the castle of Neuschwanstein.

Holidays in Germany — a tour of the great cities

The first in the list of tourists, of course, is Berlin — the capital of Germany. List all the sights of the city is very difficult, because every person goes to Berlin for some specific purpose — someone wants to relax in the club, someone hopes for an excellent shopping, and someone travels exclusively on excursions to get acquainted with the amazing cultural heritage and architectural monuments. Hotels in Germany can be very different in price level, but you certainly will find the right one for yourself.

Cologne is an excellent place for excursions and walks. Photos of Germany you can see from the tour operator. Despite the fact that the city was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, later it was still able to restore and now Cologne gladly accepts tourists, and the doors of shops and bars are almost always open. No less popular, by the way, Dusseldorf, which is called the city of fashion, art and offices. In the center it is located more than 250 restaurants and bars and often the center of the city (Altstadt) is called «the longest bar counter.»

You can not ignore Munich — the capital of Bavaria, and if you have at least once before your eyes you had a map of Germany, then you probably saw this name. If you recall television advertising with pompous beauties who are holding mugs with a drink, it’s probably Bayern. Here you will clearly feel the difference between northern and southern Germany. In Bavaria you can visit bars, whose history goes back centuries. No less interesting are tours to Germany in majestic cathedrals and walks around the squares.