Holidays in Sri Lanka

Despite a somewhat comical comparison, but not devoid of a share of truth, but holidays in Sri Lanka are often compared to a great tea party. And although there is another mass of worthy entertainments at the resorts of this island state, but the fact that the former Ceylon, and now Sri Lanka, is the largest producer of high-quality tea remains an indisputable fact.

Holiday in Sri Lanka and its national characteristics

In the opinion of many who have already traveled to this island country and have a definite desire to repeat this journey, they unequivocally say that rest in Sri Lanka can be characterized as carefree pastime away from city noise and city bustle, and closer to the sea and pristine nature. And there is a certain amount of truth in this, for a trip to Sri Lanka usually begins with the unhurried service of you and your luggage at Colombo International Airport.

And then with the same unhurriedness you are delivered to the hotels you selected in Sri Lanka. And with the same Sri Lankan slow, you start to register at the reception, and politely pass the keys to your number. At the same time, as noted by many travelers who have visited Sri Lanka repeatedly, that this kind of dimension of life of the Lankans does not depend on the season and weather conditions. So, that rest in the spring in this respect, nothing will not differ from rest in the winter. And it concerns not only the permanence of the climatic conditions of Sri Lanka.

Tourist Map of Sri Lanka

Proceeding from such a national peculiarity of the Lankans, and the tourism service offered by them has practically the same features. And unlike the «cultural» program on Taiwan, where round-the-clock discotheques are a rather common phenomenon, the tourist map of Sri Lanka abounds with historical and natural attractions of this region. And the pastime of travelers is mainly determined by such outdoor activities as fishing, or a small meal in the fresh air using a traditional barbecue.

In addition, virtually no photos of Sri Lanka, which travelers show their friends and acquaintances can not do without the landscapes of the Lankan nature reserves, among which the most popular are national parks, where in addition to a significant number of birds there are whole beaches «inhabited» by sea turtles.