Temple of Tigers

This is a place where you can take a walk in close proximity to the majestic predators — tigers, and if desired, you can pat them and take pictures together. The temple of tigers in Thailand is located in Southeast Asia.

The Sanctuary of Striped Predators — The Temple of Tigers in Thailand

Temple of Tigers 2

The temple took its first tiger cub, found by villagers in 1999. Unfortunately, the baby lived very little, but later came to bring other kids who were in trouble, lost their parents or rescued from poachers. Slowly the number of animals increased and in April 2015 the total number of tigers living in this amazing place increased to 167 individuals. You can enter the Temple of Tigers any day, the temple is open 365 days a year.

This unique monastery in the forest was founded by a Buddhist preacher in 1994. The paramount task, along with religious preaching, was to protect and care for the environment. So here there was a haven for wild animals, including beautiful and dangerous representatives of the family of wild cats — tigers.

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Temple for people and animals

To all who want to see interesting places of Asia in Thailand, and who are looking for peace and unity with the wild nature, welcome to the Temple of the Tigers, whose doors are open all year round. This applies not only to people, but also to animals. Over time, the territory of the temple expanded, in connection with this, the vital space for animals and their calves increased, the habitat, thus, approached the natural habitats of predators.

Tigers of different species live together, mostly Indochinese, one Bengali named Mack, as well as mixed Malay representatives. Tiger cubs can play calmly on the territory, and big cats are on a leash, because, despite the external peace and tranquility, these are still unpredictable animals, and under certain conditions, autumn can be dangerous.

How to get to the Temple of Tigers in Thailand?

Located in the western part of Thailand, the tiger temple is located 200 kilometers from Bangkok and 38 kilometers from the village of Kanchanaburi along the 323 road to Sai Yok. The path from Bangkok to the temple will take about 2.5 hours. On the territory there are certain rules, after buying a pass-through ticket, it is necessary to undergo mandatory instruction on safe finding amongst cute, but still dangerous predators.

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Sights of Asia in Thailand, including this unique Buddhist temple, in which monks live together with dangerous striped predators, are in demand among tourists and travelers from around the world. Every day 600 visitors come here.