Interesting places are waiting for you, preparing for a hike

Everyone knows perfectly well that hiking is a very common type of recreation, which also does not require large financial expenses, especially if this happens often to you. Visit new or dear to the heart of interesting places. This is the best way of seclusion from nature, to visit the conditions in which the primitive man lived, even to some extent fight for survival.

Interesting places are waiting for you preparing for a hike 1

Travel to interesting places

It is very useful to get out of the city bustle, to enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of the mountains and plains. Visit new interesting places in the world in the company of friends or like-minded people. However, there is always a question of where to go and how to make a route. But also it does not matter — the club «The Unknown World» organizes hikes in Russia and Turkey for more than 10 years, which you can read more on their official website What could be better. And just improve your physical and psychological state.

What is required in order to go camping?

— Backpack, comfortable and roomy, especially for hiking. If the backpack is small without additional attachments, then the pleasures of the hike are not what you do not get, but you will also curse everything in the world, often stop, and may earn back problems.

Interesting places are waiting for you preparing for a hike 2
— Sleeping bag. Its density depends on the time of year in which the trek is made. In the summer you can not sleep in a warm winter sleeping bag, and in winter in a thin sleeping bag will freeze very much.

— The caramel is put under the sleeping bag, it does not allow to penetrate the cold and moisture from the ground.
— Comfortable shoes. You will have to pass not 1 km, but dozens, so it’s worth taking care of your feet. In spring and autumn, it is worth taking warm shoes with a thick, non-slip sole.

— Clothes comfortable sports, not binding movements. Best of all, if it is a plaschevka, it dries well and quickly.
— In cold weather, it is worth taking a flux sweater, it retains heat and also dries quickly when wet.
— You have to take a raincoat with you. After all, rain, especially in the mountains, can not be avoided. And with an umbrella you will be very uncomfortable.
— You should bring a hat with a visor, or a hat to protect your head from direct sunlight.
— You also need a moisturizing face cream, because the skin in the mountains lends itself to strong wind, and it needs to be protected as much as possible.
— As for personal care products, you need to take everything to a minimum, small tubes and jars. After all, at high altitude the weight in your backpack will increase 2 or more times, you need to take care of your back.
— All additional items (warm, clean, documents) should be folded into individual cellophane bags, so that in case of rain, they remain dry and not damp.
— The tent is needed to protect against wind, insects and small animals. Tents can be of different types, for different numbers of people.
— Toporik for cutting trees and organizing a fire.

Interesting places are waiting for you preparing for a hike 3

Before you go on a trip, be sure to follow your route so you do not get lost or hire an instructor. You need to take a compass with you. It should always be remembered that climbing mountains is not easy, but it’s worth it. You will be happy watching different constellations from the top of the mountain at night, or walking in the dense fog from the clouds.