Tourism and rest in Crimea

A wonderful place can please the tourists on the Crimean coast. Unforgettable vacation in the Crimea was from the time of the Soviet Union, when the territory was concentrated quite a lot of sanatoriums, health resorts and boarding houses, where you could get a piece of health.

What impresses the rest in Crimea?

Tourism and rest in Crimea 2

First of all, the peninsula conquers with its cultural, historical and natural attractions. Rest in Crimea among the riot of colors, green carpets and magnificent mountains will be simply unforgettable. This pastime will give you a lot of vivid impressions, which will be remembered for life. Here you can see the most extraordinary monuments of architecture and landscape art that have survived for more than one century and to this day please the visitors with their beauty and originality. Many places have their own legends, which is even more attractive.

Living in this or that place of the resort region will also not cost you too much. Approximate prices for May-September in economy rooms will be from 600 to 1000 rubles. If you order a room with minimal facilities, then you have to give 1200-2200 rubles. Prices for accommodation in the Crimea in 2016 in elite cottages will cost more. Approximate cost from 3500 to 4000 rubles for a standard room.

Tourism and rest in Crimea 3

Therapeutic rest

Most tourists visit the peninsula because of the unique climate, mud baths, sea mineral waters, which contribute to the improvement of the physical condition of a person. Passing through certain procedures, the most complex diseases can be cured here. You can fully trust the local sanatoriums, after all, only highly qualified specialists examine and give directions to certain procedures.

Entertainment of Crimea

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In each of the cities there are a lot of various attractions and entertainment, both for adults and for children. You can try water trampolines, visit zoos and lunaparks, visit dolphinariums. Active tourism in the Crimea is a trip to the mountains, rich excursions, diving, surfing, etc. entertainment. Do not forget that the Crimea is also the edge of winemaking. In this time-consuming process, local people put their whole soul and try to give tourists only their best drinks, which definitely deserve your attention. Believe me, in this place you definitely will not be bored.