Tourist astrology: choose a hotel by the stars

A universal way of distinguishing hotels are the so-called stars, which are assigned to each hotel in the number from one to five. The more such, the more luxurious and class the hotel is. Accordingly, the fewer stars, the less comfort and additional options are available for guests.

Classification is very accurate and allows you to determine the choice according to your preferences. Let’s try to figure out how to choose mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, depending on the number of stars.

Tourist astrology choose a hotel by the stars 2

Main settings

A number of parameters affect the assignment of a certain status, and often they are evaluated in a complex way. Thus, the service and the conditions that are offered to the guests are assessed as a whole. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some of the main parameters:
Variety and number of rooms;
The location of the building;
The size of the building;
Furnished furniture;
Quality of interiors and windows;
Quality of cleaning rooms;
The level of work of the staff.
These parameters do not exhaust the whole spectrum, but they are basic. Now, depending on the stars, you can determine at which level one or another parameter.

Tourist astrology choose a hotel by the stars 3

Top class

The most prestigious hotels are St. Petersburg with five stars. As a rule, they are located only in the central part of the city and conveniently in the infrastructural plan. Only the most experienced specialists work here, who provide the highest level of service.
In addition, luxury options offer many additional options. In particular:
beauty saloon.
In total, there are relatively few such hotels, about 10-20 in the city.
In a slightly larger number are located in the city institutions with four stars. They are slightly inferior to the previous in all respects, while remaining part of the luxury class.

Tourist astrology choose a hotel by the stars 4

Standard and economy classes

The most common option is the owners of three stars, which are quite a number in different parts of the city. Although for the most part, owners still try to choose locations convenient for tourists. There is a fairly high level of service, but there are practically no additional options, and a very affordable cost of accommodation is offered.

The most affordable option is two-star, which is popular with budget tourists and young people. A completely qualitative alternative to this option are modern hostels.