Ski holidays in the Leningrad region

The best skiing holiday for guests and residents of the Leningrad region is the resort of Korobitsino. Here is an amazing atmosphere: the untouched nature of the Russian north. All cottages are built from a log cabin, which creates an indescribable flavor of antiquity. In the village of Korobitsyno there are three ski resorts.

Tourism and ski holidays

Ski holidays in the Leningrad region 2

Resort «Snow» — full compliance with price and quality. To Peter — 90 kilometers. Sauna and free private parking. Trails allow you to carry out both simple ski holidays and international competitions. There are five ski slopes. Trails like beginners and experienced veteran veterans. There is a long descent of about 900 meters. All that is necessary for snowboarding: equipment with all kinds of springboards, fans of railing — ibbing-a. The cottage village is built up with houses, the prices are acceptable.

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Ski holidays in the Leningrad region 3

The ski center «Red Lake» was lost in the woods, slopes on natural slopes with a noticeable extreme shade, has a series of short and steep slopes. There are 14 routes designed for different levels of training, 3 of them for speed descent of real specialists, 3 ski routes for increased complexity. You can stay in the hotel and individual cottages. The cost of the ski lift (ski pass), the hourly rate is 400 rubles, the day — 1300 rubles.

The ski center «Golden Valley» meets international standards. In the presence of 12 trails with lighting, different levels of training. Free lift for beginners. Here, not just amateurs and beginners, but also professionals can stand on skis. Hoists: 400 rubles. — in an hour.

Resort «Igor» — the first year-round in the area, representing rest of the European level. The guests have a variety of difficult and not very trails; Snowboard park, fully equipped and meeting all requirements; And a gift for holidaymakers with different levels of ski training — a length of 1200 meters! There are lifts, you can rent equipment. For living hotel and cottages.

Ski holidays in the Leningrad region 4

Resort «Tuutari-park» — located in a picturesque place. Has 4 lighted trails. There are four working lifts. Children’s slope — separately with its own lift. For those who like ice skates there is a skating rink.

Ohta Park is the closest to the city (25 km), which made it popular and accessible. Lighting routes sufficient for skiing at night. There are 6 tracks in the park, which differ in the level of complexity. There is also a cross-country ski track. There are lifts on all slopes. Wonderful nature, pine forest. There is also an ice rink consisting of ice tracks with a total length of 1.5 km.