Permission to leave the child in the notary office Averina E.

For foreign travel of the child with the parents (parent), there is a need for such a document as a permit for the export of the child. If the child goes on a trip without a family, then the document necessary for his departure is the permission to leave the child. The difference between them is obvious, for more details see .

Rules for the departure of a minor abroad

Permission to leave the child in the notary office Averina E. 2

In order for the child to be able to leave the Russian Federation together with the parent (s), he or she fits into his (their) passport or leaves on the basis of his own. It can be entered only in the old passport, that is, received until March 2010. Biometric passports, which appeared after March 2010, exclude this possibility. In this case, it is necessary to make out your own, details here .

If there is a discrepancy between the names of relatives on the documents presented above, one must also take with them a duplicate of the birth certificate of a son or daughter who has a notarial form.

Permission to leave the child in the notary office Averina E. 3

When a child is accompanied by a parent other than his or her parents, a person, for example, a coach or an aunt, then, in addition to his or her own passport, requires the family’s consent to such an exit with a signature or seal of the notary. This document must specify the departure period, as well as the countries planned to visit. It is better to immediately mark all potentially visited countries. Since only one specific country is indicated, it will not be possible to visit other states.

If the child leaves only with his father / mother, then no agreement of family members is needed. The only exception when this consent is required is the presence in the frontier service of a parent’s application that the child does not approve of crossing the border. In this case, the consideration of the issue will be carried out in the judicial bodies on the basis of the lawsuit of the parent traveling together with the child.

Permission to leave the child in the notary office Averina E. 4

If the child intends to go to the post-Soviet countries (except Ukraine) with one of the parents or the whole family, he can do this under a simplified procedure, providing only a birth certificate, more details here -na-vyezd-rebenka. When you visit Ukraine, the general procedure is in effect. Therefore, to visit this country you will need to have your own foreign passport.

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If you need help, then you can assure us of all the necessary copies, as well as the consent of relatives to leave. Among other things, the notary can provide additional legal advice related to the procedure for traveling outside the Russian Federation for your child.