The maximum quality of legalization at the lowest price from Bureau No. 1

Modern life is such that integration processes between countries give citizens the opportunity to study, live, work in other countries or attend them on personal matters. Departure abroad is much simplified, but, nevertheless, there are certain documents that must be presented to the authorities for the possibility of departure.

The maximum quality of legalization at the lowest price from Bureau No. 1 2

When it comes to the need to establish business or cultural contacts between people of different nationalities, here comes the help of the Kiev Regional Translation Bureau — the leader in the field of translation. It enjoys respect and prestige among international companies, entrepreneurs, as well as citizens who have applied for assistance in the private transfer. The procedure of legalization is necessary for assigning documents a legal status in another country, that is, they need official confirmation of their authenticity.

The work is carried out in the language of the country to which you plan to travel. Qualitative fulfillment of such orders is possible under the Kiev Regional Translation Bureau. For this, the company has experience and a lot of advantages:
Flexible pricing policy.
The presence of modern software, which is used by employees of the company when performing translations.
A well-established system of interaction between translators, editors, managers, which allows you to execute orders promptly and efficiently.
High professionalism of the company’s employees.
Free consultation of customers about the details of the order.
Individual approach to customers.

The maximum quality of legalization at the lowest price from Bureau No. 1 3

The Bureau carries out the legalization of documents with full passage of all stages of its assurance in official bodies: at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country and at the consulate of the country to which departure is planned, on the territory of Ukraine. Legalization means the need for interaction with diplomatic and legal structures, therefore it requires not only knowledge of the business vocabulary of the country in which it is planned to leave, but also the compliance of the performed activities with its legislation.

The maximum quality of legalization at the lowest price from Bureau No. 1 4

Turning to the Kiev regional translation agency, citizens receive a guarantee that they will receive a document that meets all the requirements within the required period. The exact cost of legalization depends on the language, the number of documents, the urgency of the order. The calculation of the cost can be made online on the website of the bureau at The company takes care of regular customers and strives to attract new customers, so the range of our services has gone beyond the borders of the country — we accept orders from both residents of Ukraine and from abroad. 10-year experience of translation work showed that working with Bureau number 1 is reliable and convenient.