Castle Carcassonne

Who of us had to travel to France, and not only by its central, modern part, but also in the provinces, probably drew attention to the fact that the country is replete with medieval castles, monasteries, abbeys and natural fortifications. And if most of them are only of historical value on the scale of the French Republic, the castle Carcassonne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
castle Carcassonne 2

The first mention of the fortress date back to the second century BC, when near the current location of the city, there is a small fortification belonged galliytsam. However, after the expansion to these territories the Romans, the fort and the surrounding area came under the jurisdiction of the Roman Empire, which is more or less successfully lasted more than five centuries.
castle Carcassonne 3

At the same time, on the basis of quite convenient strategic location Gallic fortress, the Romans decided not only to expand and strengthen, and transform into impregnable citadel that, in principle, they were able to up to 725 years when the fort began to have a kind of ubiquitous Saracens. However, this situation will not last long. Thirty years later they were expelled the Franks, and since then the castle Carcassonne has remained the French Carcassonne.
castle Carcassonne 4

As before the fortress is the largest, fortification of the medieval period in Europe. So in particular, the overall length of the double fortress walls is more than three kilometers and are located on the territory of 52 martial towers, as well as the Count’s castle and the Basilica of Saint Nazaire.
castle Carcassonne 5

And though, in the middle of the XIX century, the citadel was subjected to a rather free-style renovation under the direction of French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, castle Carcassonne has not lost its appeal and romantic charm, which largely contributes to its tourism popularity and today.