Simple emigration to Portugal

A new InPortu portal has been opened. It was created for those who want to emigrate to the Portuguese republic in the near future. The site employs a whole team of managers, consultants and lawyers who several years ago moved to Portugal from the CIS countries and currently live on the territory of the republic. All managers and consultants of the portal freely speak Russian and in the official language of the republic — Portuguese. If necessary, they act as interpreters.

Simple emigration to Portugal 2

A separate line of InPortu portal services is assistance in the design of the Portuguese visa. It can be of any type: tourist, for private invitation, business visa. Consultants are engaged and naturalization of fellow countrymen — they help to get permanent residence and residence permit.
The largest number of people entering the territory of Portugal from the CIS countries, open a visa for tourism. Portugal is an extremely attractive country for tourism. European attractions are combined with extremely loyal prices. presents dozens of excursion options in Porto, Lisbon, Mafra and other cities.

Simple emigration to Portugal 3

There is a mild climate and healing air, and the temperature does not drop below plus marks even in the coldest winter. InPortu offers group and individual excursion programs around Portugal, the picturesque shores of the Atlantic Ocean, thematic tours, including pilgrimage.
Another useful service provided by portal experts is assistance in organizing events in Portugal. It can be visiting wedding ceremonies, birthdays, corporate holidays, quests or any team building events.

Also on the site there is a section for labor migrants containing the current vacancy database. The text of all vacancies is translated into Russian, so even those migrants who do not speak Portuguese will be able to find work. To draft an employment contract, and without it you can not officially get a job, you can use the services of InPort lawyers.

Simple emigration to Portugal 4

A new portal about Portugal is a convenient and useful resource for future emigrants from all over the world.

The main difficulties associated with emigration are the search for housing, employment, sending children to study in a local school and communicating with new people. 75% of emigrants recognize that they need help. 98% of them are sure that people from their native socio-cultural environment, that is, fellow countrymen, can help them best. It was this idea that formed the basis of a new portal about resettlement to Portugal.