Museum of Easter Egg

In small town Coloma, that known as center of handicraft and needlework of Ukraine, is situated the singular museum of Easter egg (« Pysanka» at ukranian). This museum is unique because it hasn’t got any analogue in the world. Painting of easter eggs is quite interesting folk art. Year after year the masters of Pysanka put their heart into that handicraft and paint the eggs in fancy colors with pleasure.

Museum of Easter Egg 2

The building of Pysanka museum is noticeable from far away. It was created in the shape of egg in a large size. Inside 14-meters oval building you can find three floors of exhibition. The construction of the building has no no roof, but there are a lot of stained-glass windows, the total area of which is about 600 square meters.

Museum of Easter Egg 3

In the exhibition are available more than 6 thousands Easter eggs, that have been brought here from all Ukraine, and also Pakistan, India, Czech Republic, Canada, and USA. Among the number of all of the easter eggs, there are presented both new created eggs, and the eggs about 100-150 years old, because the art of its painting exist from ancient times.

Museum of Easter Egg 4

In addition to old folk creations of easter eggs, there are many collectible samples created by famous guests of Coloma. The eggs painted by the hand of politicians and celebrities have been a decoration of the museum for a long time. Every famous person left a Pysanka that reminds about himself. Museum has got more than seventy samples of eggs signed by famous people.

Museum of Easter Egg 5

The unique museum of Easter Egg (Museum of Pysanka) was open at 23d of September in the year of 2000 specially for 10th Hutsul Festival. Since that time the bulding of museum becomes a visit card of the town, and involves tourists from Ukraine and the whole world. Being in Coloma you will not miss it because the extraordinary architectural form of Museum of Pysanka attracts every eye, forcing to stop and admire the miracle of Ukranian culture.