The chapel in the Milk Grotto

Since ancient times, the city of Bethlehem is considered a holy place on earth. Especially this place is sacred to the people the Christian faith. Today, Bethlehem, is the oldest of the towns, which only exists on earth. It was founded in 17-16 century BC, the Jews lived in the city. This city has a lot of interesting and unknown.

The chapel in the Milk Grotto 2

For example, milk grotto. According to the legend, this grotto started so called after Mary, the mother of Jesus, feeding him breast milk and a drop fell on the stone, which was painted in white. Now this is not just a sacred grotto, but there comes a large number of women, praying that they had children.

The chapel in the Milk Grotto 3

Also, in the grotto, or rather it is the chapel, there is a miraculous icon of the Virgin, which not only gives hope to women that they will have a child, but also for nursing mothers. They believe that the icon gives them a burst of energy and improves lactation. Christians began to worship in the Chapel of the Milk Grotto in even in the distant past. In 1375, the grotto belonged to Franciscan monks. But in 1871, the church is made, called «Lactation church».

The chapel in the Milk Grotto 4

People believed that the allocation of chalk in the walls, could benefit from any disease. Over time, they began to produce and transport in Europe. Why Everyone thought that this chalk helps treat not only people but also animals. Here, probably, it all depends on the person of faith. After all, how do we know if a person is skeptical, he never in his life did not believe in miracles.

The chapel in the Milk Grotto 5

Tourists and locals are still visiting this grotto, take chalk in the memory, and pray to the Virgin Mary. If you pay attention, then at the entrance to a large number of photographs of children can be seen in the grotto, which the Virgin Mary helped. And the most important thing in all this that young moms believe this because God helps them. Always remember that no matter how sacred place, if in his heart there is no droplets of faith, no one will help you, everything depends not on us, but from God.