Buddhist temple

Arriving in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and making the first sightseeing tour around the city with a big certainty that in any case, the Buddhist temple of Wat Arut or the «Temple of the Dawn of Dawn» will be in the center of your attention. In spite of the fact that in Thailand, quite a lot of Buddhist temples, Wat Arut stands out for its uniqueness, both in the height of its central pagoda, and in its decoration.

Buddhist temple 2

Buddhist temple «Morning dawn» could become the state emblem of Thailand

And although there are six other temples around the world that are much higher than Van Arun, but the Buddhist temple of the «Morning Dawn» is the most revered among the adherents of this religious trend in Thailand. In this regard, when in the thirties of the last century, when the name of the country changed from Siam to German-speaking Thailand, proposals were made that would use the image of the temple of Van Arun as the state emblem.

However, the adherents of more European positions insisted that the state emblem should be any predatory bird, in the image and likeness of the numerous coats of arms of European countries. Thus, on the national coat of arms of the former Siam appeared a predatory mythological bird from the ancient Thai epic. And the temple of Van Arun was given a more modest role, to flaunt on postage stamps and banknotes, as a symbol of Buddhist Thailand.

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Van Arun is the tallest building in Thailand

So that the journey through Asia, through the capital of Thailand, will inevitably lead you to this majestic temple, which almost a hundred meters above Chauphraya, a river flowing through Bangkok and dividing it into two parts. It should be noted that, despite modern construction methods and the desire of a significant part of the world’s architects to erect high-rise buildings that fit the Empire State Building that adorns the center of New York, Van Arun’s 79 meters remain unchallenged for almost all buildings and not Only Bangkok, but also all of Thailand.

But this kind of statement of the issue in the field of urban development does not in the least affect such a dynamically developing branch of Thailand’s economy as tourism. And those who have already visited this Asian country can confirm that there are plenty of first-class hotels in the same Bangkok, not to mention the abundance of all kinds of entertainment for every taste, for tourists coming to this country from almost all over the world.

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How to get there

Given that Thailand has access to the world’s oceans, it is possible to visit this country by making a round-the-world trip on a comfortable ocean liner. Well, if your plans look a little more modest, then at your service numerous flights to Bangkok, because the international airport of the capital of Thailand has long been considered a transit point for transplanting to numerous flights that depart almost all over the world.