Mount Nebo and Moses Memorial in Madaba

As a rule, the majority of tourists traveling in Jordan after a visit to St. George’s Church, which stands in the heart of Madaba, visit another one of the holiest places of Orthodoxy Mount Heaven, which is located ten kilometers from Madaba. According to historical records, the Sky Mountain, located just eight hundred meters above sea level, is a monument of the Old Testament.Mount Nebo and Moses Memorial in Madaba 2

By giving, on the Mount of Heaven, God showed Moses the place where the Promised Land as a holy place for the children of Israel and the place of their permanent habitat. Based on this, the mountain is the object of constant pilgrimage for the entire Christian world. With this in mind, at the end of the IV century, dedicated to the place where Moses was buried on biblical dowry memorial complex was built on the mountain.
Mount Nebo and Moses Memorial in Madaba 3

In addition, the complex includes a Byzantine monastery built by the Franciscans during the IV-VI centuries. Also worth noting, and the fact that in 2000, during the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, Mount Heaven visited by Pope John Paul II, who made a memorable prayer, and sanctified this place as sacred to all Christians of the world.
Mount Nebo and Moses Memorial in Madaba 4

To date, for that would get to the heart of the complex, from the bus stop you need to climb to the top of the Sky Mountain by two hundred meter alley framed by shady trees, which create a certain mood and comfort of visiting this place. And on top of the mountain, where the ends alle, is a granite stele, Franciscan guardian of the Holy Land on which it is written that «Mount Nebo. Memorial of Moses. Shrine Christian».
Mount Nebo and Moses Memorial in Madaba 5

In this case, it should be noted, and such a circumstance that the Russian-language transcription of Mount Moses has a slightly different pronunciation than that registered in the Russian sources. Mountain «Nevo» — this is how the word is pronounced in Hebrew (Har Nevo). However, the established, long-standing tradition the name of the site as the «Heaven» was fairly widespread in the historical and Christian literature.