Buddha statue in Kamakura

Japan we are pleased not only for its beauty and scenery, but also by how many statues there in this country. Take, for example, a statue of Buddha, which is located in Kamakura, it is the most beautiful of all the statues, which only exist in Japan. Made the statue was made of bronze. Kamakura was once the capital of Japan, and relatively, it was the largest city, which is home to at least one million people.

Buddha statue in Kamakura 2

But, unfortunately, after it walked hurricane, the city was completely destroyed. And it happened several times, after which the city finally fell apart. Today, on the spot where was once the city grow rice fields and many trees.

Fortunately, the storm did not touch the famous temple of Hachiman (God of War), as well as bronze Buddha images. For a time, the statue stood in the temple, but at the moment it stands under the open sky, towering above the trees. On this statue goes a lot of legends and each different from each other.

Buddha statue in Kamakura 4

Japanese culture for us is still a mystery. For example, the soft tissue, the Japanese have their own measure, but the products of the metal is completely different. Buddha, which is made from bronze, sits and has fifty feet in length. Buddha fingers up three feet in diameter. So the statue can be called the greatest of all, which only exist in Japan. The statue was cast in a special order of Yoritomo Minamoto and the roads that led to the statue were crammed with pilgrims, who would very much like to see a miracle.

Buddha statue in Kamakura 5

In order to see the statue only need to visit the holy country. For those who believe in myths and sacred statue really can work wonders. But as we have already said, is that the world is no longer a statue of Buddha, which would exceed the size of a bronze Buddha. It’s history, but it is worth knowing, because it is the history of mankind, which to them has not been acquainted with before the end. Believe should be in the shower, and the rest to attach, so they tell us every day, and we try to make things right.