The secret of the popularity of tours to Egypt

Among our compatriots, Egypt is the most popular country in terms of beach holiday. It is an endless hot summer, exotic, an interesting national color. Tours in Egypt are quite affordable for people with an average income. You fly out of the gray rainy city and after a few hours sunbathe on a golden sandy beach, bathe in the warm blue sea.

The secret of the popularity of tours to Egypt 2

Divers from all over the world come here. Underwater and animal life of the Red Sea is surprisingly diverse and extremely picturesque.

Recently, the country has experienced not so good times due to internal political and social difficulties. The flow of tourists has slightly decreased. Up to this year every year about five million travelers came here. Today, the government is doing everything possible to restore the high level of the resort reputation of Egypt.

The hotels are being reconstructed, the infrastructure is being restored, marketing activities are being conducted to attract tourists. An increasing number of people consider Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh as a holiday destination this year. Today you can buy a ticket to Egypt to a high-level hotel at a very affordable price.

The secret of the popularity of tours to Egypt 3

For citizens of Russia, the visa regime for the country is considerably simplified. No advance authorization is required. The visa is issued upon arrival. Affordable cost of rest and fast flight allow without problems to get urgent burning economical tour. Egypt always has great weather. Despite the forty-degree heat, the humidity level is low, so the heat is much easier to transfer than, for example, in Thailand or Sri Lanka. Cool northern winds contribute to a beautiful tan and somewhat cool hot body rest. If you are very much bothered by the heat, spend more time at sea.

The velvet season here begins in September and lasts until the beginning of winter. In the afternoon the sun is not so scorching, and in the evening because of the wind and the drop in temperature it is necessary to throw a warm sweater. This is a good time for excursions and a comfortable tour of the unique Egyptian sights. At the bazaars and markets, the time for delicious fruits and vegetables begins. Splashing in the waves of the Red Sea is possible throughout the year. In winter, the water temperature is 20 degrees. The Red Sea is a unique phenomenon of nature, rivers do not flow into it. That is why it is crystal clear and transparent.