A giant wooden umbrella. Metropol Parasol. Seville Mushrooms, Burgos

Visiting Spain can not fail to visit the Seville city. In the heart of the city is the area of Encarnacion, one of the symbols of the city. Not so long ago, in 2005, the city municipality has decided to restore the area and announced a competition for the best project that can give an attractive appearance and revitalize this important urban space, giving the area more attractive.

A giant wooden umbrella. Metropol Parasol. Seville Mushrooms Burgos 2

The competition was attended by many famous participants, but won the German architect Jürgen Mayer. He developed the original structure made of wood, which now adorns the Seville area and attracts many tourists. The project called Metropol Parasol, but due to its special shape, the locals dubbed it as «Mushroom of Seville» or «Mushrooms Encarnación».

A giant wooden umbrella. Metropol Parasol. Seville Mushrooms Burgos 3

The names of these were given not by accident. Architectural creation Mayer consisted of six huge umbrellas, resembling mushroom cap. «Mushrooms» are connected to each other the original wooden structure. When creating the project, the author was guided by the shape of a dome of the Cathedral of Seville, and figs, planted on the square located next to Burgos.

A giant wooden umbrella. Metropol Parasol. Seville Mushrooms Burgos 4

Huge unusual design, the height of 26 meters and dimensions of 150 by 70 meters is a distinctive roof, great restaurants and a huge cabin, where the city’s cultural events. Both places are located at an altitude of 22 meters above the square. This is one of the most amazing in the world of roofs, covered with meandering walkways, while serving a viewing platform. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

A giant wooden umbrella. Metropol Parasol. Seville Mushrooms Burgos 5

On the underground level of the complex is a museum of «Aquarium», a glass floor that allows visitors to admire the ancient Roman and Arab ruins. The second floor of the structure occupies a food market, historically settled in this place since the middle of the XIX century. Above, on the third floor, held sporting events and concerts, theatrical performances, various exhibitions and a fashion show.

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