Unique Dutch museum

Holland (Netherlands), as we all know, is famous for its vibrant nightlife. But is it only attracts tourists from all over the world. The state is one of the original states in the north-western part of Europe. A harmonious blend of modernity and antiquity, sea ports and canals, ancient architecture and wooden mill, plantation of tulips and unique varieties of cheese, all this is a great incentive to visit. It employs interesting museums, some of which can be called unique.

Unique Dutch museum 2

One of them – the Museum of the human body, able to impress and capture the imagination of any visitor. The museum building is in the form of a seated person a height of 55 meters. It is located near the campus of Leiden city and rightly claims to be the most original museum in the world.

Unique Dutch museum 3

Customers receive complete, detailed picture of the human body of the device. Entrance passes through the knee, up the escalator up, leading to internal organs. Here you can see in detail the structure of muscles and bones, look at the heart and kidneys. Since everything is made on a gigantic scale, seen is impressive. Within an hour, the guide will conduct an interesting tour, explain the work and interaction of internal human organs, will answer your questions.

Unique Dutch museum 4

Another unique museum of the Netherlands – Anne Frank House museum. Museum dedicated to the history of the Jewish girl who wrote down in my journal all the hardships that befell her family, hiding during the war against Nazi persecution. Family harbored in the secret rooms of the building where it is now and there is a museum.

Unique Dutch museum 5

Museum visitor pass for the most secret rooms where the family hid Anne sees public unbearably difficult conditions they had to survive. Oscar statuette is kept in the museum. She received the young actress Shelley Winters for the excellent role played by the Jewish girl Anne Frank. The museum is located in Amsterdam.

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