Amazing Brazilian state of Bahia

Brazil, how much you can learn new, visiting this country. There were a lot of interesting traditions and holidays. Coming to Brazil, can be seen at almost every turn, many beaches, dances and carnivals that are carried out mainly at night. If you do this have never experienced, when you arrive in Bahia, you will learn everything.

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Bahia, is one of 26 states that are on the territory of Brazil. He ranks fourth in terms of population. The name means «bay», and all because when European sailors first came here, the first thing they saw, it was the Bay of All Saints. It was in 1501, precisely on the feast of All Saints, from the time it is called. In 1549, the first city of Salvador, the Portuguese was founded here.

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In addition, El Salvador, the capital of Bahia and is located on the hillside, it has a number of cities, and more specifically the top and bottom. Lower Town called Cidade Baixa. There is not only the port but also naval customs, many markets, warehouses and a huge number of beaches.

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The upper city is called Cidade Alta, there are a lot of old mansions and beautiful fountains. That is, we can only say that the history of this city simply infinite and is not yet up to the end studied.

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Brazil is a great place to relax and enjoy the sights. For example, if we take the history of the Portuguese, who founded the state of Bahia, began first to grow sugar cane. A little later, they learned how to grow not only cotton, but also cocoa. Once, this city was the main place where slaves were brought from Africa. Now, the Afro-Brazilian residents are a very large number. Resorts just fascinated, and not only the beauty of the beach, but also live music. It attracts a lot of celebrities at the carnival, which, incidentally, is held here every year. Rate it yourself superiority.