Holidays in the USA

America has always attracted a huge number of tourists, which is not surprising, because in every state you can find for yourself something interesting and truly fascinating. Of course, going on vacation in the US is more difficult and more expensive than in any European country, but, for example, who does not dream to go where the best Hollywood blockbusters were shot.

Best vacation in the USA

Every traveler, on his way to the road, dreams of new impressions, wants to learn something new, or go back to where his warmest memories await him. Holiday in the United States is best for this.

The map of the USA seems to have been created especially for tourists. There are places where you can enjoy beach rest, you can visit the shore of the endless ocean. Lovers of attractions, monuments of architecture, national parks will not remain indifferent to the American states. Do you like shopping tours? Famous designers, a season of sales and a city with a huge number of boutiques are waiting for you.

Climate in the United States in autumn

In autumn, the weather in the US is very diverse. But this is not surprising for such a large territory. It’s not so easy to tell about the climate in the USA. The West Pacific coast will differ from the East Atlantic, the North of the country from the South, and both from the central regions. Do not forget about Alaska, the northernmost state. All this should be taken into account when planning a trip to the United States. It all depends on where you want to go. Nevertheless, rest in the fall in the US is quite comfortable, the temperature in the main country is in the range of +18 — +25ºC. This weather is typical for the US from September to November. On the coast of Florida at this time you can even swim.

Sights of USA

Rest in November is attractive primarily for ticket prices and for hotels in the USA. During this period, they are available to many people who wish to visit this country. Excursion tours in the US are most popular. Parents with children will receive a tremendous pleasure from visiting the famous amusement park of Walt Disney. Los Angeles attracts its fans lovers of gambling and one-armed bandits.

The state of Connecticut can be visited only because of the one house of Mark Twain, who has instilled a craving for travel with his works. In addition, there are a lot of natural reserves in the USA, which appear on many photos of the USA and are a national pride for Americans.