Getting acquainted with all sorts of interesting places around the world, it is impossible to ignore the ancient Stonehenge, which is located 130 km southwest of London. But this is in England. In turn, the Americans created Karhenj, a kind of English megaliths, only with the amendment to modernity.

Karhenge 2

Karhenj — the pain of loss embodied in the autocomposition

As you know, Americans have a small passion for everything big and grandiose, so it’s no surprise that Stonehenge attracted the attention of artist Jim Reinders. The diameter of the English version is 33 meters. There is a place where creativity and fantasy unfold. In the realities of the same Karhenj is a monument to the father of Rynders, who died in 1982.

Their entire family was hard at the sudden departure of a relative and, as a result, on the day of the solstice of 1987, such an unusual monument appeared on the world, which is now on the list of «Sights of America». As the British scientists believe, Stonehenge is a place associated with the transition to the world of the dead, so the choice was not accidental.

Karhenge 3

Old American cars served as a «building material» for the creation of a monument in Nebraska, USA. Creating such original monuments of America, the artist used 38 cars, which arranged in a circle with a diameter of approximately 29 meters.

Considering the moment that the old American cars are large enough, they can easily duplicate the megaliths of Stonehenge. Overlapping of arches is also made of cars that are welded to the bases, in order to avoid an accident. I forgot to mention that all automobile building materials are painted in a noble gray color. Equipped with Karhenj on the farm, where the artist’s father lived.

Karhenge 4

How to get to Karhenge

The idea of using old cars as a material for art installations appealed to American sculptors and artists. In addition, there are enough places in Nebraska near Karhenje to embody the creative intentions of people with a wild imagination. To date, this place has been called the Reserve of Automotive Art and every year the number of works only increases.

Karhenj can be considered a vivid example of how contemporary art helps creative people to find their own original way out in a difficult moment for their family, to survive the pain of loss and dignify goodbye to a parent who has gone to another world.