Interesting Places America

America The North and South are two continents that have collected many of the most incredible, amazing and truly unique places. National parks, canyons, deserts, famous museums, it is difficult to single out the most interesting places in America, they all astonish the imagination and, like a magnet attract thousands of tourists and adventurous travelers.

Interesting places in America — the beauty and heritage of nature

The desire to discover and discover new unusual and interesting places in America for the wonderful quality of any person. The knowledge of the unknown opens up special facets of the world. Well Jacob in the US state of Texas — a dangerous place with a bad name, but which is very popular among extreme people. This well is an artesian source with the purest water, its depth reaches 10 meters, then it branches into four caves. They attract the attention of scuba divers, who want to learn about them, as much as possible.

Fans of a more relaxed holiday can choose their own beautiful national parks, which can also be listed as the most interesting places in America. For example, Jasper Park in Canada. According to UNESCO, it must pass to the next generations in an unchanged form. An amazing place with pristine nature. The park is beautiful and charming in its own way at any time of the year.

And how many mysterious and interesting is hidden in itself South America, starting, of course, from Mexico with its pyramids. Noisy Brazil, measured Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia — it is generally a fount of ancient civilizations and cultures. And nature, everything here on the continent is inextricably linked with it, we can say that South America — pretty often — some interesting places and attractions.

The most interesting places in America

A man with astonishing persistence tries to learn and understand the laws and secrets of nature. Numerous studies give definite results, but the more the new opens, the stronger the desire to continue searching. In the state of Arizona was launched a large-scale project Biosphere 2. His idea is to create a closed ecosystem that can independently and autonomously resume all the resources necessary for subsistence. As a result, the experiment failed, but now everyone can visit this complex and see simultaneously the seacoast, desert, swamp, savannah and jungle.

Fans of the Internet space will be pleased with an unusual museum, opened in the US and dedicated to the most benevolent yellow smiley. You will fall into the space where there are more than a thousand smiling things, next to which you can not be in a bad mood. It is impossible to list all the most interesting places in America, but bold travelers will be able to visit many of them and discover something new.

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Interesting Places America

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