Museum of money

Let’s talk about the Museum of Money … For many of us who grew up under the value system that was formed in the era of the so-called «developed socialism» it is rather difficult to imagine what constitutes an institution such as the «Federal Reserve Bank».

Museum of money 2

Chicago Museum of Money — what’s interesting?

However, without going into the technical and organizational subtleties of this institution respected by many Americans, one can definitely say that such banks have the right to print money. And speaking of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, in addition to being one of the largest stores of the green dollar itself, this bank houses the Museum of Money, which attracts numerous tourists and not only from all over the Americas.

First of all it is worth noting some quite important moment in the activity of this Museum of Money, a moment that our numerous compatriots like with their mother’s milk have absorbed in themselves an ineradicable passion for obtaining something on a grant basis, that is, for nothing. And this is starting with the possibility of obtaining free software or multimedia files posted on the Internet and ending with a free tasting of a new beer brand offered by an advertising action in a nearby supermarket. So, in this regard, the Museum of Chicago money absolutely corresponds to this trend, and the direction of our soul, because the entrance to the Museum is free. So, that you can enjoy the exhibits exhibited there, without spending a cent. And there is something to see.

Museum of money 3

Given that the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is engaged in such a noble affair as printing banknotes, that is, dollars, then most of the exhibits of the Museum of Money located at the bank represent exactly the bills themselves. It is worth noting that the Museum of Money of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago fell into the category of America’s most interesting places, for the reason that almost anywhere else in the world you will not see one million dollars packed in a small case. Or, where you can still contemplate, the same amount of a million dollars, but in one-dollar bills, placed in a completely transparent, glass cube, the weight of which slightly falls short of one and a half tons.

Museum of money 4

Where do the old bills go?

However, on this America’s attractions associated with its monetary artifacts do not end. After all especially nervous and impressionable visitors it is rather problematic to drag away from one more original stand of this museum, namely from the operating, mechanical unit intended for destruction of worn out bills. Imagine that in your eyes in real time, in a few minutes several hundred thousand US dollars turn into a finely chopped paper, the cost of which will be problematic at the nearest point of reception of secondary raw materials.

How to get there

Given that, as a rule, domestic tourists come to the US as part of small groups led by a Russian-speaking guide, a former emigrant and a native of the same Odessa or St. Petersburg, he will explain to you in some detail how to get to not only Chicago, But also to the Museum of Money of the Federal Reserve Bank.