The tradition of San Luis Obispo

Have you ever seen a lot of chewing gum in one place? If not, we suggest that you visit California, which is in the United States, in fact there is a alley chewing gum. If you are, of course, do not put an unpleasant smell, and in general to all that squeamish, this place is not for you.

The tradition of San Luis Obispo 2

Approximately 21 meters walls, completely plastered with chewing gum, and tall, the wall extends to 4.5 meters. Who exactly invented chewing gum paste over the wall do not know, and not what it is, I guess. Some historians think that this tradition came after World War II. According to unconfirmed reports, the first began to paste over the wall schoolchildren. Others believe that they were college students, and there is another version of what school and college students staged a competition with each other. But as they say, no one has anything about it does not know, but probably never know.

The tradition of San Luis Obispo 3

After some time, this tradition has been passed on young people, who lived in San Luis Obispo. This alley, which were glued gum constantly purified, it was because the shop owners, who stood close by, it was required. Not because they did not like it, but because of gum was a very nasty smell. But it’s a tradition, and no one will be able to eradicate it, because they had to be measured.

The tradition of San Luis Obispo 4

In 1996, the authorities decided to re-purify «ruminant wall», but the locals are so revolted that they had to retreat. Locals believe that this is not only a tradition, but also a unique form of manifestation of art.

The tradition of San Luis Obispo 5

If you look at the layers of gum, you can see the image, such as faces, flowers, lettering, and even a declaration of love. Of course, some of this wall may seem terrible, but not for the residents themselves. While tourists often come here in order to look at, you can tell a story.