Journey to Nazca

Today, with the development of tourism logistics travel almost anywhere in the world no longer looks something more or less fantastic. After all, even the most exotic and incredible journey to the North Pole is, at a certain desire and financial capacity is quite real project, how to use the omnipresent polar aviation, the same sled dogs, or in the worst case using nuclear-powered icebreaker «Sibir» zafraktovanny for some time .

Journey to Nazca 2

By the same can be attributed to the exotic trip to Nazca, which is located only four hundred kilometers from the capital city of Lima, Peru. During the I-VI centuries BC in this territory lived protoinkovskaya Nazca civilization, which received this name for the modern name of the city.

Journey to Nazca 3

The most attractive artifacts Nazca are a giant image, located on the territory of the mountain plateau. This image data produced a great impression without being next to them and contemplating carefully laid out the line of white limestone, and watching these images from a bird’s flight.

Journey to Nazca 4

To realize this project to date, in principle, not so difficult. To get to the Peruvian capital Lima and its not so difficult, and there are two main ways. The first is a more romantic and lasting. For this enough to buy a ticket for one of the cruise ships that sail across the Pacific and off Peru, the good thing is that Lima is located on the coast and in one of the suburbs has a pretty good port.

Journey to Nazca 5

However, a better option would be a trip to the capital of Peru, comfortable aircraft that will be worth a little bit cheaper than a cruise on the Pacific coast, and a much faster time. And further still easier on the plane of one of the local airlines get to Nazca and contacting one of the many travel agencies, you get a full range of tourist services, with a visit to both the city and the mountain plateau of Nazca.