The longest street of Yonge Street

Yonge Street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world. Located this street-record holder in Canada, in Toronto. No street is not able to compete with it in the world, because the slowness of Yonge Street is about 1,900 km. Start taking this street in the city center, then it stretches across the Lake Ontario waterfront and divides the city in half.

The longest street of Yonge Street 2

Next Street Yonge Street turns north, goes around Lake Simcoe, and like to Cochrane town. This town is the most extreme northern point of the street. Then, the street turns west and ends only at the border with the United States, not far from the outskirts of Minnesota. Interesting is the fact that the street has its own, fascinating history. Many decades ago, instead of the street it is located Indian Trail. But a few decades later in these places come the first settlers, and they decided to take advantage of the already paved road.

The longest street of Yonge Street 3

Then it already being used not only pioneers, but also traders, and the first troops of the British and French. In 1793, the first governor of Upper Canada, John Simcoe, went down in history because of their assistance in the development of the country, it was decided to widen the road.

The longest street of Yonge Street 4

This decision immediately received the support of the owners of all adjacent to the road land and the local people, and it was successfully implemented. George Young made this decision due to the travel needs of appearing not only riding but also on large wagons and carriages.

The longest street of Yonge Street 5

So the road and was named Governor George Young, and, starting from 1816, all large vehicles have become a regular go down this road. By the end of the XIX century, Yonge Street was the main central street of Toronto. Today it is quite modern street, which is located in the center of the huge skyscrapers. Under the street runs underground and the street itself is pretty broad sidewalks. The street is known for its abundance of restaurants, clubs, bars, boutiques and shops.