Lombard Street: the most winding street in the world

Every year many thousands of tourists specially come to this place, to see with their own eyes the most winding street in the world. City of San Francisco, located in California, built on the numerous and very steep hills. Of course, this tour is much better known to local residents themselves, but to fully enjoy it is possible only on the street Lombard Street.

Lombard Street the most winding street in the world 2

Just visited on this street, it becomes clear just how uneven landscape here. Also, visiting the street, it becomes clear how difficult it was necessary for developers in San Francisco. The length of the streets of just 400 meters, and the title of the most winding street, this was due to the fact that in such a short period she manages to change direction 8 times. At the same time it is worth noting that the turns are made at a very acute angle.

Lombard Street the most winding street in the world 3

This incredible winding streets connected with the builders attempt to somehow solve the problem with a gradient greater than 25 degrees. After all, if they paved this road is strictly right, the road was too steep. Pile at the beginning of the street takes Presidio Boulevard and travels east to Telegraph Hill. The most famous and popular tourist destination is considered to be that portion of Lombard Street, which concerns the slope of Russian Hill. This is where the street becomes similar to the winding snake. Street outwardly looks very impressionable and beautifully, because between turns a lot of greenery and flowers.

Lombard Street the most winding street in the world 4

The entire length of the road is lined with beautiful red brick. But the beauty of the streets, unfortunately, can not solve its traffic problems. This winding street has meant that in 2001, the city municipality, it was decided to ban vehicular traffic on it, because careless driving is very dangerous on this slope.

Lombard Street the most winding street in the world 5

But the decision was postponed Municipality, which instead has created a special team to deal with all the problems of urban transport. This group very seriously studied the Lombard Street problem and decided to make the street one-way traffic and the speed limit on the turns of 8-10 km/h. And for the convenience of pedestrians was built specifically.