Ancient park Mesa Verde

America has always surprised its attractions. There is a unique park in America, called the Mesa Verde. The interesting thing about this park is that it is more than 4,000 not just historical sites and prehistoric sites. These objects belong to the ancestors of the Anasazi, a prehistoric Native American culture. To have survived some of the buildings, as well as the ruins of which are located in the cliffs.

Ancient park Mesa Verde 2

Located park at 600 meters above sea level. The old buildings have survived thanks to the fact that the air is dry in this area. The first people who settled in this area, lived more than 2500 years ago and they lived in caves. But after some time, they began to build houses, which were dug into the ground. Also, over time, they learned how to grow beans and corn. As historians say, these are the first people who learned to grow crops.

Ancient park Mesa Verde 3

The most famous building of that time, the building remains rock Cliff Palace. And all because that in this building was the most rooms. Historians counted in it 150 rooms, inhabited by at least 100 people. Also, some historians believe that the building was used for ritual purposes. If you pay attention, you will notice that the doors of this building were very high.

Ancient park Mesa Verde 4

That is, making the conclusion of this, we can say that the increase in men was not less than 163 centimeters, and female height was 152 centimeters. Also, there are a few buildings that can be equal in magnitude and in such a place is the Long House. In this building of 130 rooms and 8 rooms for rituals.

Ancient park Mesa Verde 5

That is to say that, having been in this park, you can learn a lot about how people lived at that time. What materials are used for construction and many more. Such places in the world is not so much, or rather, not many of them have survived to our times. Because this place is very interesting, not only for tourists but also for the archaeologists, who are still studying the city park.