Barbados capital for Roma

Barbados is famous for its history, in particular by pirates who looted and plundered many pubs. Everything happened for the simple reason that, as then, so now Barbados is a unique and exclusive place where quality and manufactured only real rum.

Barbados capital for Roma 2

Rum, a calling card of the island, in those days, and still. What do you think at the time, it was the rum helped to survive in the most difficult situations, and especially in sea travel, which sometimes delayed for a long time. Also, often we talked about the fact that such a drink, rum could cut down the brain for a long time, but not everyone believed in it, and continued to drink a lot, and we can say with greed.

Barbados capital for Roma 3

Most interesting is that rum drink not only pirates, but also the soldiers, sailors and even the colonists. Even little children were given rum in cookies. Barrels, who were on the boats, are often not filled with water, which was carrying such diseases as dysentery and rum, which, by contrast, was an antiseptic.

Barbados capital for Roma 4

Now on the island of Barbados is well-developed tourism sector, that is, every year, there is a large number of tourists. Some just want to see the sights. But others on the contrary come here just to try all the famous rum. Buy rum possible at low cost. The most expensive is worth $ 7, so it’s not the price for which you want to skimp.

Barbados capital for Roma 5

By the way, I forgot to mention about why it is so named from the island. And all because, coming to him, explorers found Banyan Tree chain with roots, which resembles a beard. Because the name means «bearded». In addition, it is made a beautiful set, you can visit the historical sites on the island, which is not so little. Plus there are all the conditions to the tourist feel comfortable. This is one of the most hospitable islands that can only be found on Earth.