City Island Mexcaltita

Visiting Mexico, you can get a lot of pleasure from the experience obtained. Here and wonderful nature and unique monuments of culture and architecture. There is also a special place. For example, a small city Mexcaltitan. It belongs administratively to the state of Nayarit, the municipality of Santiago Iskuintla and is located on the island. What is the feature of the city?City Island Mexcaltita 2

First of all, Mexcaltitan interesting because it is a city-island. The diameter of the island is less than four meters. But watching the natural environment, just want to sing with joy. After all, this small town with a population of only about two thousand located in the lagoon among the huge number of canals and mangrove forests.
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At first glance, it seems that the island is small and very densely populated, but archaeologists have found here a place to dig. And after the elections concluded that Mexcaltitan most likely located in the place where once was the ancient, legendary city of Aztlan (which translates as «land of herons»). It seems just out of the city in 1091g., The Aztecs went to look for a place in the valley of Mexico.
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The city can be said to exist in isolation, but very rich in traditions and holidays that are relevant only for the population Mexcaltitan. Take, for example, the annual, rather large-scale carnival in honor of Saints Peter and Paul, which takes place June 28-29. During the celebration of people even come here from nearby villages, they dress up in costumes made from the skins of jaguars, and hairstyles are decorated with all sorts of feathers, most importantly, that they are bright. Thus, residents of the city Mexcaltitan honor the traditions of their ancestors.
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However, the island has its drawbacks, such as the rainy season, although he did not last long, from August to September, but plentiful. During this period, the streets of the village are more like TV. And although people have become used to this, because their life is on the water, and the main activity of catching shrimp is still water in the streets brings a lot of inconvenience.