Marvel of architecture in Las Vegas

Increasingly, in the world of architecture there is a lot of different directions. That’s Las Vegas surprised fangled construction of all residents and tourists. The style in which to comply with this institution, attracted the eyes of all who are close to him. For some, it becomes a real shock, others, on the contrary admired architectural wonders, but certainly no one remains indifferent to the design of the institution.

Marvel of architecture in Las Vegas 2

Visitors who first saw the building, did not immediately realize that this is — the clinic. Within the walls of such an unusual and original building, located Lou Ruvo Medical Center. For a long time the city government could not convince the architect Frank Gehry, to build a medical facility, because he constantly denied them. But now, finally, the architect decided to take the job. On such a decision it prompted that Larry Ruvo, who founded the clinic also lost loved ones from the terrible disease of the brain.

Marvel of architecture in Las Vegas 3

Medical Clinic consists of two parts which are connected to each other by a covered walkway. One body accommodates a research laboratory and a hospital, and the other is the center of vitality.

Marvel of architecture in Las Vegas 4

It is important to say that the body is made differently. That is how the architect wanted to convey information about the duality of the brain, one of which — is the order, and the second chaos reigns. It is a part of the clinic, which is made in the form of chaos, it is impossible to meet patients and health workers, because the room is designed for meetings, events and meetings, the purpose is to raise funds for research.

Marvel of architecture in Las Vegas 5

Building, which houses an amazing hospital, to do more in the classical style, with the usual and practical interior, where patients will be convenient and comfortable. Hospital intended to help people who have the disease of the brain and, therefore, is of great importance for the city.