Stone Balls San Jose

Despite the fact that almost all corners of the globe, it would seem, has long been studied and studied by competent professionals, but today in some areas are quite strange artifacts, which today are a mystery to many scientists.

Stone Balls San Jose 2

These objects include historical and stone balls found in the early forties in the jungles of Costa Rica. It should be noted that in order to really appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of these stone statues, no need to go to Costa Rica and climb into the wilderness of Costa Rican jungle. In recent years, these amazing artifacts spread to many of the world of museum exhibitions and private collections.

Stone Balls San Jose 3

The uniqueness of this finding lies in the fact that having a fairly regular shape of the ball, the diameter of three meters to several tens of centimeters. No less remarkable is the fact, and the fact that the data surrounding areas balls are not located in a chaotic manner and in strict sequence forming a regular geometric shape.

Stone Balls San Jose 4

Thus formed triangles, squares and circles are arranged in a straight line, rather strictly orientated north-south.

Stone Balls San Jose 5

So, if you have the opportunity to give the Costa Rican visa to visit this very small country in Central America and its capital, San Jose, do not be lazy and visit the Central Park of the capital and see for yourself in the real existence of mysterious balls of Costa Rican jungle.