Elk Island

This place attracts with its pristine beauty and splendor. Elk Island is a state treasure that is protected and protected as a unique natural area. The unusual nature of the territory lies in the fact that it is located in close proximity to the metropolis.

The unique Elk Island

Despite the proximity of the reserve to a large city, it retained its pristine beauty. Elk Island is a deciduous forest, occupying eighty percent of the whole territory; water reservoirs with the purest water, located on two percent of the park area; five percent of the marshes; and a few ringing rivulets, taking their origin here. Yauza and Pekhorka are fuller and larger rivers, while Los is small and ringing like a stream.

The Losiny Ostrov reserve can be appreciated by all who want to enjoy fellowship with nature. Here, very often you hear children’s laughter and you can see the couple in love. The park is not suitable for cheerless parties with shish kebabs and fire. It is a temple of nature, which is very strictly guarded. Nevertheless, its proximity to the city, makes the island frequented. And although here it is purely geographically impossible to sea fishing from a yacht, as here yachting-cyprus.org/program/7, there are always a lot of fishermen on this and on that shore.

Tourism in the Moscow region

In the reserve you can find a wide variety of ancient trees and vegetation. The journey here will turn into an interesting excursion through the enchanted forest. There are three main natural zones:

— first — open to all visitors, suitable for recreation and unity with nature;

—  the second is reserved for sports and hiking;

—  The third protected area is under permanent protection, it is more than fifty percent of the entire territory.

Tourism in the suburbs is developing thanks to such corners of nature that can be called virgin and untouched. Their value is not calculated in material categories, it is eternal. In addition to historical and cultural values, eco-tourism is also developing.

Rest on Losiny Island

The location of Losiny Island in the area of temperate climate leaves its imprint on the plant and animal life. There are broadleaf and spruce forests. The vegetation of the reserve includes more than eight hundred species of trees and bushes, as well as lichens, mosses, mushrooms and algae. Some of them are rare, therefore they are listed in the Red Book of the Moscow Region and the Russian Federation.


The best rest in the world offers bright sunny meadows, winding paths and unusual clean air, filled with the smells of amazing plants. The rich vegetation hides in its thickets rare breeds of birds, mammals and reptiles, and fish and amphibians coexist peacefully in reservoirs.


How to get to Losiny Island

Every resident of Moscow and the Moscow region knows how to get to Losiny Island. This trip will not take much time, but leave a lot of impressions. Visitors can reach the Medvedkovo and Babushkinskaya metro stations, and from them walk to the recreation area of the reserve. Also on the bus you can drive from VDNH or metro station «Podbelsky Street».

Fans of hiking can go on a trek from the platform «Los», which is located on the Yaroslavl railway line. And the best rest in the world is waiting for the tourist from the first steps on the fresh green grass among the giant trees.