Sleeping bags for trave

When going on a trip for a few days, you should always think over all the nuances, especially for overnight stays. Sleeping bags are an ideal solution for a comfortable and safe overnight stay. In fact, accommodations are about 35% of the time of the trip, and it is from quality rest and healthy sleep that cheerfulness of the spirit and activity of the tourist as a whole depend. Let’s find out what kind of sleeping bags there are, and what nuances one should pay attention to.

Sleeping bags for every taste

Planning a trip, then you should think about everything to the smallest detail, including finding out on which sleeping bags to pay attention to take with you on a camping trip. The fact that gradually more and more people are attracted to tourism gradually attracts tourists, and today tourist equipment stores offer a wide range of professional devices and devices that can greatly facilitate the life of a tourist even in the most extreme conditions.

The main thing is not to buy the first thing you liked, but to ask the seller who knows, maybe he will offer you a slightly more expensive model, but with convenient options, or an analog of a famous brand product from a little untwisted producer, but cheaper.

So, if you are finally and irrevocably attracted by the world of tourism and travel, then you should know that the sleeping bags in appearance are distinguished by a sleeping blanket and a cocoon. The blanket bed model has the form of a rectangle and is often equipped with a hood. While «cocoon» is a hooded product, which also has anatomical forms, that is, in the shoulders wide, and tapering to the legs.

There are also models of multi-seat sleeping bags, which are a modernized version of the blanket, in some cases two bags are combined or they are individually manufactured to order. Multiple sleeping bags are good in that they allow you to significantly save the weight and volume of the load, which is very important for the one who ventured on any journey.

Sleeping bags for different seasons

In our mobile age the traveler wants not to carry a lot of kilogram load behind him. Therefore it is recommended to choose a sleeping bag for the season. These products are distinguished for winter, off-season sleeping bags and summer models. For the winter period, make 3 sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures in the range of 17 …- 45. The off-season sleeping bags — often carry 2-3 layers and are designed for temperatures -2 …- 17. The easiest are summer sleeping bags of 1 or 2 layers of insulation, they are designed for a temperature range of +5 and above degrees.

Want to get the most out of the hike — choose the right sleeping bag and go for new experiences!