Polish TV

Your body might physically leave the country, but your heart, your spirit, your thoughts – they always stay in Poland. You might miss a lot about your homeland being abroad. But probably the culture, the language are the things you are going to lack the most. Well, the Internet TV successfully addresses this issue. PolBox.TV is the leading provider of TV programs and movies in Polish language via the Internet. It helps you and your family always stay connected to your country of birth, reconnect with its everyday life and cultural heritage.

Unite and conquer

Polish television online is one lucky combination of TV and Internet. Meaning you can take advantage of possibilities of television entertainment and multiply them by opportunities of the Internet and latest software achievements. Specifically in the case of PolBox.TV this means:

  • Simplicity. You do not need any equipment like satellite dishes or cables to install Polish TV via the Internet. Simply tune in, and instantly enjoy.
  • Accessibility. Turn on and watch your Polish TV programs or movies anywhere you go, whether it happens: in comfort of your home, in a car, at a resort, or any kind of remote location (possibility of slow connection is also foreseen).
  • Multiscreen. See Polish TV online at any device, whether it is a TV set, a smartphone or a laptop.
  • Schedule and record. Watch your favourite shows and movies at the time convenient for you, and basing on your current time zone. Programs can be saved to the archive, where they are kept for two weeks.
  • Control the content. Parental lock (control) is another built-in option for PolBox.TV.
  • Share your experience. Watch TV online simultaneously with other members of your household. Different devices will have different streaming, so there will be no collision regarding this matter.
  • Enjoy additional perks. Along with the video streaming, PolBox.TV additionally provides access to the most popular Polish radio channels.

PolBox.TV is a place where demand and the best offer meet

Put simply, TV online is the precious access to 100+ TV channels and 3000+ HD movies in Polish language, as well as to the Polish radio stations – at any moment in time, and in any place you go. This is literally an unlimited source of television Polish online providing you and your family with both high quality entertainment and important information on the everyday life in contemporary Poland.