Ancient city Arkaim

Since the moment when the ancient city of Arkaim was opened to the general public, Arkaim does not cease to amaze with its new archaeological finds.

How the ancient city of Arkaim was discovered

Despite the fact that, to the ancient city of Arkaim, scientists drew attention long before its official opening, because on aerial photographs of this territory, for the needs of cartography, many specialists repeatedly drew attention to rather strange formations of the correct geometric form. However, Archaeologists began to speak in the scientific environment of archaeologists, when in 1987, during the construction of the Great-Karagan Reservoir, an archaeological expedition entered the proposed flooding area, which was supposed to assess the historical value of this territory. And, in spite of the circumstance that there were only two people in this expedition, namely, Serhii Gennadievich Botalo, Candidate of Historical Sciences, and his assistant V.S. Mosin, they made a grand historical discovery, worthy of the work of the whole scientific archaeological center.

To date, the common territory on which the historical and archaeological reserve is located occupies more than three thousand hectares, and on the basis of the archeological artifacts found, several museums have been created, in which historians of not only the Russian Federation but also many countries of the world work. It should be noted, and such interesting facts in the development of this national heritage, that its fate is interested not only professionals, historians and archaeologists. So, in particular, a rather popular satirist writer Mikhail Zadornov released along with journalist Sergey Alekseev and director Alexander Volkov a full-length documentary «Arkaim: standing by the sun», which had the most positive feedback among the widest audience.

In addition, in 2005, the trip to Arkahima by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, caused a new public surge of interest in this unique historical object, which once again proves that the history of modern Russia is much more versatile than some of its researchers interpret.

So in particular, many archaeological finds of Arkaim show that the Proto-Slavic culture existed even during the III-II millennium BC. And about this age they say not only the numerous remains of man and animals and various tools of artisans who produced ceramics, weapons and everyday life items found in the relevant historical layers of soil in Arkaim, but also carried out radiocarbon studies of the found artifacts. So, if you are an archeology lover and are interested in the history of our fatherland, you can organize the best rest in the world for yourself visiting this unique historical territory.

How to get to Arkaim

To date, visit Arkaim and view all its unique exhibits is not difficult, after all, having reached the same Chelyabinsk you can buy an additional tour, excursion bus to one of the museums of this national historical reserve.