Independent travel around Europe

For many, it sounds frightening. In fact, everything just seems terrible. Nowadays, when practically always at hand the Internet, everyone can plan a trip. An independent journey through Europe anyone can customize for themselves, choose a hotel and the city to taste.

How to start a tour of Europe

Of course, starting your journey through Europe still follows from the calculation of the trip budget. There are cities more expensive, there are cheaper. Somewhere hotels in principle are more expensive, but you do not need to spend money on some other things, but somewhere very expensive is the plane. Therefore, it’s a good idea to open a map, open a ticket search site and an online hotel booking site. But do not forget that you need to leave money for a visa, if it is required, of course.

By the way, it’s better to go to Europe with the euro, and not with rubles, because not every exchange office accepts rubles, and if it accepts, then the course will certainly not be the most profitable. As for the knowledge of the language, it will be a plus to know at least a small level of English. It is unlikely that there will be a situation where masterly mastery of a foreign language is necessary, but the opportunity to say a couple of sentences and the understanding of pointers simplifies life. Among other things, each country has its own characteristics, for example, in Germany you are unlikely to find buckwheat, and in England you do not use euro outlets. For a detailed study of these features, visit various forums or special websites.

Traveling by car

In Europe, public transport is expensive, so boldly throw in an amount of money for this. And if you travel by car, then you need to know about the various «useful companies», whose services are always convenient to use. For example, Awhelp24 is a round-the-clock car help, traveling on the roads of Western Europe, to tourists. More information can be found at.

Hotels and tickets

Various tickets, both avia and intercity trains, can be purchased on the Internet. Carefully read what exactly you need to print and take with you. Choosing the best hotel, pay attention to its location and read reviews: it is in the reviews most often objectively referred to its shortcomings, advantages and features. The hotel may not be in the center at all, but if there is a metro station or a stopover of ground transportation nearby, from which the center is about 15 minutes drive, then this is not bad.

To buy or book anything on the Internet should be carefully, most often you will need to enter your bank card details. Therefore, before you provide this site to the site, carefully study the forums and reviews about this site. Lists of attractions are easily located on the Internet. Be sure to look at the mode of operation, perhaps you will find an approximate price for the ticket. By the way, in some places it is necessary or desirable to purchase a ticket in advance via the Internet. To begin it is terrible, but if carefully and seriously to concern preparation of a trip on an independent travel you will find many pluses.